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Youth Bible Study

Bible Study Options

Attending church is a great way to get your week off to the right start, but many of us need more to fully engage in our spiritual relationship with our Creator. Alive offers both adult and youth Bible study. Studying the Bible with a peer group is a great way to learn more about how God wants to be involved personally in your life.


When you attend Bible study, you have the opportunity to share with others at a similar station in life. You'll learn that you aren't alone in your challenges, struggles, and temptations. You'll hear stories of how God has used his power to change people's lives, and how he can do the same for you. Church services are fantastic for starting your relationship with Christ, and adult or youth Bible study takes that relationship to a deeper level.


Bible study for adult men and women occurs on Thursday nights at 7:00 pm. We meet for a brief meal as a large group, then split into gender based groups to dive into our Scripture studies. Gender based groups can allow participants to open up more freely about life, relationships, and spiritual issues. You'll have the opportunity to develop deep friendships with those in your group as you share your walk with Christ with one another. Childcare is provided.​


Whether you're new to Alive or you've been with us for years, it's time to go further in your relationship with God by attending a Bible study. There's no need to be an expert on the Bible to join- the point of the group is to work and learn together. We can be strong on our own, but we're stronger as a church family when we help each other grow.

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