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Bible Studies

Grow your faith & your relationships

Scripture teaches us that when believers get together we form the family of God. It even goes as far as to instruct us to call each other brother and sister for we have all been adopted by God as our father. Family loves each other, challenges each other, corrects, and forgives. But it's hard to be family if you don't know each other. Thefore insted of a midweek service in our facility we do it in homes. House gatherings, much like you would find in the book of Acts. We sing, pray, teach and eat together each time we gather. One of the best ways to connect and form a family is to invite sommeone into your home. So far, we have two house gatherings during the week. You can click on the link below for directions and time. 


Bible Study | Tuesday 7:00 pm

Chuck & Carol Lannuzzi

164 Martello Rd

Pooler, GA 31322


Walk Through The Bible With Dr. Dave

Every Monday at both 10:30 am & 6:30pm. We invite you to come to learn as Dr. Dave teaches a walkthrough of the entire bible over the course of a year.



Alive Church Fellowship Hall