Live S​ent is a series of interactive workshops which inspire, equip and empower Christians, who struggle to see themselves as evangelists, to live as the sent people of God.

  • Imagine a church reaching out and making disciples, who make disciples, as the natural outflow of their daily lives!

  • Imagine your church reaching into every neighborhood and network represented in your congregation.

  • Imagine an outreach program with the potential to transform entire neighborhoods, and it doesn’t require a budget, because it’s not a program.

Live Sent is not scripture memorization or a memorized presentation.

  • Live Sent is an interactive workshop, with 3 sessions

  • Rather than learning what to do and how to do it, Live Sent is intended to instill a heart and passion to personally, intentionally and organically reach and disciple those who are church-resistant and are unlikely to visit our churches.


Live Sent is about mobilizing a missionary movement; ordinary people living like Jesus here and now; lives with greater Gospel intentionality and Gospel fluency at work in them.

At the conclusion of a Live Sent workshop:


  • you will begin to understand what it means and what it looks like to hear God and to live in response to His leading. 

  • you will understand that you are a missionary to your local community and will walk away with an intentional strategy. 

  • you will have a different understanding of what evangelism is and isn’t. 

  • you will redefine discipleship and see how they can personally make disciples.


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Assemblies of God USA Missionaries, Founders of Artisansculture.com

October 16 & 17

Saturday Morning 11 am
Session #1

In Sanctuary 

Free Lunch 12 pm
Discussion Session

In Fellowship hall

Saturday 1 pm
Session #2

In Sanctuary

Sunday 11 am
Session #3
In Sanctuary

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