Online Church Service

Watch Alive Services on Social Media

It would be great if we could all make it to church every week, but sometimes, it's simply not possible. Good news: we've started live streaming our services! Via our Facebook page, you're able to access an online church service on both Sundays (at 10:30 am) and Wednesdays (at 7:00 pm). While our online church service is streamed live, the recording will also stay on the page. This means that if you missed the live stream, you're able to go back and access the service at any time. Catching up on the message can be great for when you're traveling, commuting, or otherwise in a place where you could use a lift to your spirit.


Have a friend who has been curious about Alive? If they're not ready to attend a service, or they aren't currently in the Pooler, GA area, sending them a link to an online church service can be a great way for them to get a handle on whether Alive might be a good fit for them.

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